“We will always stand together”. Il messaggio di EU Consult ai consulenti italiani

Un messaggio incoraggiante e pieno di speranza è stato inviato da EU Consult  a tutti i consulenti italiani. Così il chair Robin Brady e il direttivo dell’associazione.

Di seguito il messaggio di EU Consult:

To the Board and Members of EUconsult Italia,

This has been an exceptionally difficult time for everyone in Italy.  The EUConsult board and members want to reach out to EUconsult Italia members to let you know that we have been thinking about you during the past few weeks.  While of course it is important that we support each other as consultants working in the third sector, it is far more important that we support each other as human beings and look out for others who have not been coping as well during the lock down period.

All across Europe this pandemic has challenged everything that we had previously assumed, from how we purchased everyday items such as food to how we work to provide for our families.  Some things will never be the same again, and some things will return to normal.  No matter what the future holds the members of EUConsult and EUconsult Italia will always stand together.

With all of our best wishes,

The Board and Members of EUConsult